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Light Rail Accidents

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A light rail crash can be devastating. Passengers and train operators should be informed about the facts and who is responsible when it happens. Call 911 immediately if you sustain serious injuries. Once you have been taken to the hospital, you will need an attorney to help you file a claim. In addition to seeking medical treatment, light rail accidents often have a "black box" on board that records the speed and braking performance of the train. You can have this information accessed by an attorney to pursue all of the damages you are due.


Seattle was the scene of a fatal pedestrian accident Saturday evening. A light rail train struck two pedestrians who were crossing the street against the "Don't Walk" signal. At the intersection of West 13th Avenue, North Zuni Street, the crash took place. A 76-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene. A 66-year-old man was taken to a hospital in critical condition, but later died from his injuries. Both men were crossing the street in violation of a "Don’t Walk" signal.

Even though the Phoenix light rail system provides efficient public transportation, pedestrian-related accidents still occur frequently. Denver saw one such incident on Thursday and San Jose witnessed another the next day. Although the numbers of light rail accidents can vary year to year, there have been more than 350 pedestrian deaths in accidents involving light rail. This makes pedestrian safety a key aspect of the system's safety.

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Train operator

An operator of a train was arrested after colliding with a Boston light rail train last month. Police say the crash was caused by the driver's carelessness or negligence. The train operator was also injured in the collision, which occurred near Boston University. Sam Epps Jr., the driver, said that he used two different types narcotic painkillers within hours of the accident. The driver also claimed that he had taken cocaine to ease his pain after having his teeth removed. The crash was so unexpected that passengers claimed the driver seemed to be slurring at the controls just before it happened. MTA is investigating the possibility of using mechanical devices to prevent further accidents.

The video of the crash shows that the train operator was not paying attention to the stop signal, and he did not stop the train when it came to the intersection. According to Metro Transit's investigation, El Maarouf was "heartbroken" at the death of the victim. However, the prosecutor said that they would not file criminal charges against this operator. Despite the video evidence and the police report to the contrary, the train driver was fired.


MTA released video showing the scene of the fatal lightrail accident. Police are currently investigating the accident and the Honda driver was declared dead on the spot. Uninjured was a conductor. Investigators are still reviewing surveillance video from the crash. However, they don't know what caused it nor whether the train operator made an oversight. The crash is not the first of its kind, but it is the worst. Continue reading to find out more about the crash.

The accident occurred near Crescent Trail. It was the scene of 11 deaths. Another passenger was also killed in a derailment that followed. In 1996, eleven people were killed in an Amtrak-MARC train derailment. A CSX train swerved in the vicinity of Connecticut Avenue in 2005. In St. Paul and Salt Lake City, light rail was involved in fatal accidents. These tragic events may lead victims to seek compensation from MTA for their injuries.

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Other parties

The government as well as the train operator are other parties involved in light rail accidents. The crash occurred near Boston University and left 27 people injured. In connection with his conduct, the light rail operator is facing criminal charges. He is charged with gross negligence of a person in charge of a common carrier. According to The Boston Globe, Turner did not answer questions. It happened at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Green Line B branch.

You can also sue the manufacturer of light rail machinery for negligence. You may be able to bring a claim against the railroad operator if the train was unsafely operated or the tracks are defective. The accident victim could bring a case against transportation authorities if the train was derail. The transportation authority could be held responsible for dangerous conditions on the platform, defective turnstiles, gates and stairwells.

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Light Rail Accidents